The Forager

The Forager pushed aside saplings with her axe, taking slow steps, walking lightly to avoid the crackle of dried wood underfoot. Bird’s shrieked a cacophony in the branches above her, masking all but the loudest of noises in the forest. Still, it paid to be cautious; the troll clan would not welcome her presence here.

Tinier Tales – Aggie in the Berry Patch (days of the week)

“Tiny Tales are not just for big boys, you know”, Robin informed me after last week’s math story was complete, “Can I have a Tiny Tale, too?” And those dark-as-coal eyes looked up at me and I said, “Okay, Bobbin, it’s your turn next”. So, this week is a Tinier Tale, just the right sizeContinue reading “Tinier Tales – Aggie in the Berry Patch (days of the week)”

Solstice Sun Tea

Essence of flower and warmth of sun Let’s make sun tea, Little one A sip for you and a sip for me Sharing a cup of chamomile tea Faye and I harvested chamomile from the garden to make solstice sun tea.

Simple Skills

Preparing food is an act of love. It says, I am here. I will nourish you. You will grow strong in my care. I love to cook with my boy. He takes real pleasure in good food. And I take real pleasure in his sweet company.

Robin to the Rescue

Robin Little Bird will share the food from his plate. He will tear his banana in two and offer half to his reaching sister. He will ask if he should share his snack with toddlers at the park who are looking at him hungrily. He takes so much pleasure in sharing that I feel heContinue reading “Robin to the Rescue”