Small World Stories – The Work of the Snowflake Elves

The Man of the Moon rowed slowly across the sky. His boat hung suspended on ropes of knotted starlight, which were tied tightly around the belly of the moon. In the distance, he could see the snowy peak of the Mighty Mountain and the two snowflake elves awaiting his arrival.

The elves clutched their blue-grey cloaks around their bodies to ward off the frosty air. They smiled up at the Man of the Moon as he rowed closer.

When he was directly above them, he lowered a starlight rope down to the elves. It twinkled as it fell. Tied to the lowering end was a simple brown burlap sack. The elves carefully removed the sack and thanked the Man with a wave. He nodded, smiled, and continued his slow row across the sky.

The snowflake elves hurried to their home, a glass house sparkling and shimmering under the light of a billion stars. It was a clear, star-blazed night and the house flashed pink and blue as though it were made not of glass but of rose quarts and topaz mined from the earth by gnomes. Smoke curled from the chimney and scattered in the cold wind.

Inside the house, the elves poured two cups of peppermint hot chocolate to warm themselves after their chilly wait on the mountaintop. They had watched for twenty-seven nights as the moon crept steadily closer. Now, it was passed overhead and the elves could begin their work.

They tumbled the contents of the plain sack onto the table; out fell a thousand tiny shards of stardust, like salt spilled across the kitchen counter. But unlike salt, the stardust glimmered as brightly as wet jewels left to dry in the sun.

A small chest sat in the centre of the table. It was made of wood and gold and it held all of the tools that the snowflake elves needed for their task.

Opening the lid of the chest, they took out their crochet hooks and two coiled strings of ice-pearls threaded onto the finest starlight, one for each of them. The ice pearls were cold and slick; they looked like beaded necklaces but they left little puddles on the wooden table. Taking up one piece of stardust each, the elves began to work: one ice pearl, slipped up the starlight thread to the silver crochet hook, locked in place by twice-wrapped light, one loop over the other and then on to the next.

On they went, twisting starlight, locking ice pearls against the shard of stardust, spiralling around and around until they had each formed an icy, glittering snowflake.

The elves worked long into the night. Far down below, elven children slept peacefully, unaware of the magical snowy morning being prepared for them by the snowflake elves who live right at the top of the Mighty Mountain.

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