Some Kind of Miracle

We are moving ever closer to the winter solstice, the time I can’t help but reflect on the past 12 months and the changes that have come. This has been a tough one, eh. For some more than others, but for humans collectively this time, I think.

Love and Medication

I’m the meek kind. I don’t do so well at advocating for my children, or myself. But my heart is aching and I am tired of feeling ashamed. This photo is from January 2020, around my eldest son’s 8th birthday. It was snapped in the second or two that he paused on his race throughContinue reading “Love and Medication”

The When

When Robin was born, my world came tumbling down. Post-natal depression brought me to rubble and I spent nearly four years rebuilding myself, shedding pieces and people along the way.