Some Kind of Miracle

We are moving ever closer to the winter solstice, the time I can’t help but reflect on the past 12 months and the changes that have come. This has been a tough one, eh. For some more than others, but for humans collectively this time, I think.

Tinier Tales – Aggie in the Berry Patch (days of the week)

“Tiny Tales are not just for big boys, you know”, Robin informed me after last week’s math story was complete, “Can I have a Tiny Tale, too?” And those dark-as-coal eyes looked up at me and I said, “Okay, Bobbin, it’s your turn next”. So, this week is a Tinier Tale, just the right sizeContinue reading “Tinier Tales – Aggie in the Berry Patch (days of the week)”

Solstice Sun Tea

Essence of flower and warmth of sun Let’s make sun tea, Little one A sip for you and a sip for me Sharing a cup of chamomile tea Faye and I harvested chamomile from the garden to make solstice sun tea.