Still, We Baked

He used to explode the eggs and put his foot in the batter. He used to knock the flour bag over. He used to cry at the oven that the cookies were taking too long.

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The Who


I suppose it makes sense to start at the beginning, which also works well because the people just get cuter 🙂 Continue reading “The Who”

A Tiny Tale – Lavender

Adam and Merribelle Dewfeather live together at Lavender cottage with their four children: Pennywhistle, Linsong, Hyacinth and Snowdrop. The cottage has a cobbled path leading through the swaying lavender to a white gate and a table, where elves come to trade.

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Song Time – Where Did Summer Go?

Winter was my favourite season before having children. I loved frosty walks and those winter smells: hot chocolate, icy winds, cinnamon and brown sugar.

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The When

When Robin was born, my world came tumbling down. Post-natal depression brought me to rubble and I spent nearly four years rebuilding myself, shedding pieces and people along the way.

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Small World Stories – Sunset Elves


As the sun slipped silently below the horizon, the sunset elves climbed down from the clouds with their watercolour paintboxes and began to work.

First, a little orange stripe, then a puddle of pink. Maybe a little purple tonight, and ultramarine blue brushed lightly across the underside of the clouds. Turquoise brush dipped into the ocean to spread and fan across the waves. And fiery red ladled over the glowing sun as it sets.Continue reading “Small World Stories – Sunset Elves”