The Sand and The Sting

Walk with me a while

I’ll match your small step with my own

Talk with me, sweet child

I’ll listen now, and when you’re grown

Remember when we walked and talked

And I was there, through sun and rain

And if you need to walk and talk

Please know, I will be there again

We don’t celebrate Christmas, so we went for a walk and a picnic at the beach.

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Solstice Sun Tea

Essence of flower and warmth of sun

Let’s make sun tea, Little one

A sip for you and a sip for me

Sharing a cup of chamomile tea

Faye and I harvested chamomile from the garden to make solstice sun tea.

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I have this daydream. I think I want to make it come true.

I dream of an enchanted garden full of lavender and ferns and teeny houses made of wood. I dream of fairy lights and mushrooms and benches made just the right height for little children.

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Simple Skills

Preparing food is an act of love. It says, I am here. I will nourish you. You will grow strong in my care.

I love to cook with my boy. He takes real pleasure in good food. And I take real pleasure in his sweet company.

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Summer Sun Bread

In the hush of a winter evening, in the dark of the longest night, bake a sun bread, soft and golden, calling home the sun’s warm light.

We make sun bread once a year, on the week of the Winter Solstice. It is probably the favourite treat in our house.

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Robin to the Rescue

Imperfectly Proportioned Pizza

Robin Little Bird will share the food from his plate. He will tear his banana in two and offer half to his reaching sister. He will ask if he should share his snack with toddlers at the park who are looking at him hungrily.

He takes so much pleasure in sharing that I feel he is one of those rare souls you meet who just offers aid with no expectation.

He has a kind soul, this wee one.

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Soul Talk

Sunset Elf

When I was pregnant with Cohen, I used to tell him stories.

I would rest a hand on the curve of his tiny back beneath my skin, close my eyes and lower my voice almost to a whisper. I would send feelings of utter peace through my blood, from my heart to his.

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