Some Kind of Miracle

We are moving ever closer to the winter solstice, the time I can’t help but reflect on the past 12 months and the changes that have come.

This has been a tough one, eh. For some more than others, but for humans collectively this time, I think.

I hope change can come from these last few months.

I hope we won’t just forget about the people we don’t see whose suffering won’t end when the world goes back to normal.

I hope we see the positive changes our planet has undergone while we were locked away and we strive for a cleaner future for our babes.

I hope we understand more than ever about mental health and support each other in our journey out of the dark when this is all over. A lot of people will need our compassion as they heal.

I hope we will love each other more. Be kinder to each other. Treat each other as though we are all magic.

Because we are, after all. We are some kind of miracle.

We are alive.

Published by vickyinelvenrealm

I am a homeschooling mum living in New Zealand. My first elves, Adam and Merribelle, were created last year to teach regrouping to my son. They have been busy since then...

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