My Sweet Faye

Oh, that she might stay this way forever!

Gentle. Unkempt. Innocent.

My sweet Faye.

She loves endless rounds of Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.

She shares my pillow at night and her hair tickles me awake. But I don’t move her.

Her favourite pastime is rubbing peony cream into her feet.

Her greatest sorrow is when the big boys won’t let her on the trampoline.

Her greatest joy is Mama, always Mama.

I have to stop now, before my heart breaks.

Why must it go so fast?

Published by vickyinelvenrealm

I am a homeschooling mum living in New Zealand. My first elves, Adam and Merribelle, were created last year to teach regrouping to my son. They have been busy since then...

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