Robin to the Rescue

Imperfectly Proportioned Pizza

Robin Little Bird will share the food from his plate. He will tear his banana in two and offer half to his reaching sister. He will ask if he should share his snack with toddlers at the park who are looking at him hungrily.

He takes so much pleasure in sharing that I feel he is one of those rare souls you meet who just offers aid with no expectation.

He has a kind soul, this wee one.

We made the (perfectly imperfect) pizza’s as planned and Cohen asked if he could take his food outside to the table on the porch. There is a particular plate, a painted tomato plate, which is the only one Cohen will eat off. So he switched from the wooden board to the plate and hurried outside.

Not three minutes later, I heard a shatter and a tearful, “Mummy!”

The plate was in pieces; tiny, dangerous pieces. I explained to an hysterical 7 year old why he couldn’t just brush the bits of plate from the pizza and continue eating.

And then, the little bird came fluttering out.

“Mama, Cohen can have one of my fourths if he wants”.

The fourths he heard about yesterday. From the Tiny Tale he asked me to tell again this morning.

And my heart just sang.

(Even writing this story feels like it can’t possibly be true, but sometimes life really is that sweet)

Have a beautiful day x

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