Still, We Baked

He used to explode the eggs and put his foot in the batter. He used to knock the flour bag over. He used to cry at the oven that the cookies were taking too long.

Still, we baked.

He used to spill the milk. He used to lick the butter and swipe sugary grains onto his tongue. He used to drop great globs of cookie dough onto the floor.

Still, we baked.

Now, he mixes the ingredients. Now, he rolls the dough. Now, he bakes the cookies.

Still, we bake.


Cohen made rosemary and lavender cookies to accompany our Tiny Tales Monday Math story. We were cautious of making them taste too strong and so in the end they tasted only of cookie.

But the taste of cookie is a taste we can live with.



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I am a homeschooling mum living in New Zealand. My first elves, Adam and Merribelle, were created last year to teach regrouping to my son. They have been busy since then...

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