The Who


I suppose it makes sense to start at the beginning, which also works well because the people just get cuter 🙂

I am Vicky. I am thirty five years old and I was born all the way over on the other side of the world. I am a mother, a homeschooler and the writer of this blog. I suffered post-natal depression after the birth of my third child and it was the catalyst for more change than I ever could have imagined.

My first child, my first love, is Cohen. He is seven and astoundingly brilliant. He is diagnosed with autism and ADHD, he has an intermittent tic disorder, possible dyslexia and is being tested for failure to thrive. I believe that he is a gifted soul, for all the water is muddied by his disorders and his pain. I feel certain that the kind of people who change the world are people like Cohen and I feel utterly blessed to be his mother, however difficult that task might sometimes be.

Second born, fourteen months after his brother, comes Hugo. Hugo also has autism but unlike his brother, he is the happiest little boy in the world. He learned to read and write just after his third birthday without ever being taught. He is fearless and will try anything but he particularly loves dancing. He is obsessed with lego and will build for hours at a time. I often have to go and check on him when he has been in his bedroom for long periods. He has eczema and allergies but even these things can’t bring him down. He runs away, though, because he forgets to tell me where he is going.

Next up is Robin, my Little Bird. Robin is a nurturer and a gentle soul. He sings in his sleep, sings all the moments. He needs my closeness to feel safe, he needs to, “be together, Mama”. Robin likes to take boxes and fill them with treasure so that I can never find anything, ever. He makes little piles of random objects that make sense only to him. And he draws rainbows over and over and gifts them to everybody who will take them. He likes to play with his baby sister because she plays gentle and his big brothers play rough games. He sings her songs as they play tea party and house and he calls me his sweet angel even when I don’t deserve it.

Lastly is Faye, the girl of my dreams. Oh, this girl! I was so afraid when I discovered that I was pregnant. I had fought so hard to survive after Robin and I had no strength left to fight again. But she changed everything, soothed everyone. We are all better people since she came into our lives. She brought us light and we crowd around her and laugh and laugh.


This is us. We are ordinary souls who are lucky enough to be together. And we are glad to meet you x

Published by vickyinelvenrealm

I am a homeschooling mum living in New Zealand. My first elves, Adam and Merribelle, were created last year to teach regrouping to my son. They have been busy since then...

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